About Markus

Who I am:

I was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany. I was lucky I had the chance to grow up with Americans since I was eight years old and because of that I started to learn English at this age. My father rented apartments to American soldiers stationed in Germany.

I attended the University of Mittweida in Saxon, Germany where I became an engineer in Media Technology. As part of my Media Technology program I completed an internship to manage the University Print shop, which involved preparing digital files for press. As a part of my duties I also trained the apprentices. My supervisors and students were impressed with my dedication, creativity, and enthusiasm. Before I joined the university, I gained experience as a bookbinder.

When I am not working or studying I love to travel, hike, see historical sites, and I love the country side. Some of my favorite places I have traveled to include Venice, Fortress Marienberg, and Castle Neuschwanstein. I am passionat about taking pictures and meeting people from other cultures. I am open to everything new.

In my future I would like to work for a creative business doing a combination of graphic design, photography, videography and web design.